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Welcome to the I Heart Costa Mesa Show! Where a couple of neighbors with a microphone live, learn and love on Costa Mesa, California. We'll be interviewing locals, sharing stories and connecting with our community. Follow along!

Apr 27, 2018

On this episode of The I Heart Costa Mesa Show, we interview pro skateboarder, founder / owner of Intro 2 Skateboarding - and now, Costa Mesan - Jon "Deezle" Depoian. We discuss the art, the action and the culture of skateboarding, how skating has changed his life for the better, what he loves best about coaching the next gen of young skaters - and how he got that sweeeeeet hookup to teach kids' classes at Volcom's private skatepark in Westside Costa Mesa.

Intro 2 Skateboarding:

On Instagram: @intro2skate

On Facebook:

Jon "Deezle" Depoian's Instagram: @jondepoian

Deezle Depoian skating:

This is the "slo mo" parking-lot video we discuss on the podcast:

Depoian's favorite restaurant in Costa Mesa is Native Foods:

His favorite event in Costa Mesa was seeing some shows at The Wayfarer:

Depoian teaches skateboarding to local kids over at Volcom's private indoor skatepark at their HQ in Westside Costa Mesa:

The skatepark is "by invite only," but very cool if you can swing it (or signing your kids up for skate classes with Intro 2 Skateboarding will do the trick.)

Here a link to Volcom:

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