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Welcome to the I Heart Costa Mesa Show! Where a couple of neighbors with a microphone live, learn and love on Costa Mesa, California. We'll be interviewing locals, sharing stories and connecting with our community. Follow along!

Mar 9, 2018

This week on the I Heart Costa Mesa Show, we talk to the three talented, local ladies behind The Collab Lab! Each has her own, individual business (or businesses) - but they collaborate from their shared Westside Costa Mesa space to offer fun events, workshops and classes on the side. Meet 1) NICOLE JONES of Nickel Designs and Nickel + Birch, 2) MEGAN STRAWN, a fab hair and makeup artist and the macrame maestro known as Knot Knowledge, and 3) CANDACE ROCK, the family / wedding / portrait / studio photographer extraordinaire behind Candace Rock Photography. Get cozy with us as we all pile into the I Heart Costa Mesa studio to talk art, business, collaboration and, of course, Costa Mesa! 

Link to The Collab Lab events:

Instagram: @thecollablab


Megan Strawn Makeup and Hair:

Instagram: @mystyled_Megan

Megan's Macrame Classes:

Instagram: @knotknowledge

Candace Rock Photography:

Instagram: @CandaceRockPhoto

Nickel Designs:

Instagram: @nickeldesigns

Nickel + Birch Boutique:

Instagram: @nickelandbirch

We talk about the 2nd Sunday Westside Market at the Westside Museum near The Boathouse Collective.

We also talk about 2145 Pizza - yum!

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Intro / Outro Voiceover: Brian Kazarian

Music: Eddie “DJ Kaboom” Iniestra