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Welcome to the I Heart Costa Mesa Show! Where a couple of neighbors with a microphone live, learn and love on Costa Mesa, California. We'll be interviewing locals, sharing stories and connecting with our community. Follow along!

May 11, 2018

In this episode of I Heart Costa Mesa Show, we "wade into the depths" with Nathan Gebhard, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Roadtrip Nation. Roadtrip Nation started with a few friends who didn't know what to do with themselves after college. So, to figure it out, they piled into a lime-green RV and road-tripped across the country - stopping along the way to interview thought-leaders, creatives and experts for job advice and wisdom about the lives they lead.

The road-trip became a documentary, which inspired a book, that awakened a movement, which became a TV show, which inspired more books, which grew to include a non-profit, that birthed a curriculum - and now there are thematic road-trips being filmed all over the country and students as young as middle-school-age planning their own road-trips, too! All of this is based out of our very own Westside Costa Mesa.

Here at I Heart Costa Mesa, we couldn't be more proud of the authentic work Roadtrip Nation is doing, and has been doing, for 17 years. We are tickled green to have Gebhard on the podcast, sharing that story, vision and mission with us. Climb aboard this episode and you might just get inspired to take a road-trip of your own!

Here is the link to Roadtrip Nation:

Roadtrip Nation Education:

Roadtrip Nation on Facebook:

Roadtrip Nation on Instagram: @roadtripnation

Roadtrip Nation on Twitter: @roadtripnation

Nathan Gebhard on Twitter: @nathangebhard

Roadtrip Nation on Youtube:

Gebhard's favorite place to eat in Costa Mesa, right now:

His favorite event in Costa Mesa is The Summer Concerts In The Park Series

Thank you to Nathan Gebhard and Roadtrip Nation for being on the I Heart Costa Mesa Show!

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