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Welcome to the I Heart Costa Mesa Show! Where a couple of neighbors with a microphone live, learn and love on Costa Mesa, California. We'll be interviewing locals, sharing stories and connecting with our community. Follow along!

May 3, 2019

This week, on the podcast, we've got Ian Stevenson, Executive Director of Trellis and part of the team spearheading "Love Costa Mesa Day 2019." Love Costa Mesa Day is an annual day of volunteering and service, happening on Saturday, May 18th, 2019. We get all the details on where to sign up, how to participate, what it means and why it's happening - plus lots more about our beloved Costa Mesa. Check it out!


Sign Up For Love Costa Mesa Day:



Instagram: @lovecostamesa


On this episode, we discuss:

OCC Planetarium:


Podcast with Muriel Ullman, Network for Homeless Solutions:

City of Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter:

Lighthouse Church:

Costa Mesa Homeless Task Force:

Newport Rib Company:

Mendocino Farms:

Fairview Park:

OC Fair:


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Sign up for the free Water Efficient Landscape Workshop, Sunday May 4th at 8:30am at Mesa Water!

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