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Welcome to the I Heart Costa Mesa Show! Where a couple of neighbors with a microphone live, learn and love on Costa Mesa, California. We'll be interviewing locals, sharing stories and connecting with our community. Follow along!

Dec 7, 2019

On this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast: U.S. Marine, and former White House Intern, Grant Broggi, wants to whip all Costa Mesans into shape! Broggi is the founder and owner of The Strength Co. - a strength-training gym here, off Newport Blvd., based on the Starting Strength philosophy. We talk about Broggi's time in the military, the importance of fitness, why strength-training is for everyone, why you definitely need a standing desk - and, of course, our mutual love of Costa Mesa. You'll feel stronger just *listening* to this episode... check it out!

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100 Day Beachbody:

Starting Strength:

Art of Jiu Jitsu:

Varidesk Standing Desk:

Super Pollo:

Crack Shack:

Peets Coffee:

Hi-Time Chili Cook Off:

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Dick Church's:

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